Mision, vision, values and ambitions

Our mission

“To work together within an often chaotic industrial construction sector to make the impossible possible”

Working with other parties is key to our success and intrinsic to the relationship we have with our stakeholders. By working closely with other parties on industrial construction projects for the oil, gas, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries, we make the impossible possible. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions that meet the customer’s every need. These often involve a number of disciplines and range from small-scale renovations and optimizations to entire large-scale new builds. These may be in greenfield or brownfield environments, and involve just one or multiple disciplines (civil, mechanical and E&I). This philosophy has made us the largest multidisciplinary service provider for industrial construction in Dutch-speaking Europe.

Our vision

Ballast Nedam Industriebouw’s strength lies in our many years of knowledge and experience in the market, along with our corporate culture, which is characterized by internal cooperation, trust, decisiveness and flexibility. We keep things simple, do what we say, and know what we're talking about. Working with our partners and our own multidisciplinary teams, we build complex, cutting-edge solutions for our customers. We’re proud of this successful formula and, despite our ambitions for growth, are keen to maintain the company’s family feel. We aim to be a model employer: a company that allows everyone to be themselves and do what they’re good at and in which we all look out for each other. We want our customers, partners and other stakeholders to see us as not only the best party to work with but also the safest. It’s important to us that we are a strong, stable and financially sound company with returning customers to ensure continuity. We welcome anyone interested in helping us to build on this vision.

Our core values
Our core values serve to emphasize who we are and what primarily drives us. They are in our DNA and are what make our company unique.

Building together for industry
When you work for us, you can be who you want to be. We believe it’s important that we have personal contact with each other and greatly value team spirit. Words to describe our clan culture include ‘close’, ‘friendly’, ‘social’ and ‘engaged’. While working on projects, we maintain our ‘One project, one result’ philosophy, which means looking at the project’s outcome as a whole. There are no individual departments or little empires within our organization: we are one Ballast Nedam Industriebouw. This is essential to our success.

Work safe, home safe
To us, safety is a way of life. It’s also the most important element in ensuring that we do the job well and successfully. Safety is in our genes and is something we will never compromise on.

A deal is a deal
We do what we say and we say what we do. We’re clear, honest, open and sincere. ‘No’ is one possible answer that will be given if necessary.

We keep things simple
Keeping things simple allows us to fully focus on our primary process, which is multidisciplinary construction and renovation for industry. Every aspect of our operations is designed to be lean. This allows us to be flexible and adapt quickly. In turn, this flexibility and efficiency enable us to simplify even the most complex projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Start tomorrow, finish yesterday
The ‘actions speak louder than words’ mentality associated with the city of Rotterdam is evident at every project we work on. We are doers – decisive, proactive and solution-oriented workers. We know what we're talking about and love our job. This allows us to quickly respond to customer needs and deliver high-quality results.

A focus on talent
We foster the talents of our employees, believing that doing what you’re good at and what you enjoy plays to your strengths and only makes us stronger. Happy workers mean successful projects and satisfied customers – an absolute win-win situation.

Based on our mission, vision and core values, we focus on five pillars:

Maintaining our family feel
Building for industry together is our main strength and, although we’re aiming for continued growth over the coming years, our biggest ambition is to maintain the company’s family atmosphere as we do so. We want our employees to enjoy their jobs and, while working hard, to also have fun together.

We’re striving to make Ballast Nedam Industriebouw completely accident-free. And we’re succeeding because safety is a way of life for our employees and because there is a continuous emphasis on safety at work. We also aim to carry out our work as sustainably and responsibly as possible, for the benefit of both society at large and the environment. This is why CSR is also a part of our business operations.

A model employe
We want to be a model employer for both current and potential employees. This is because we’re convinced this results in successful projects and satisfied customers.

Strong relationships with customers and partners
Strong customer and partner relationships are essential to our survival. We believe it’s important to enter into open and honest relationships based on trust, cooperation and equality. Our core values always form the basis for any working relationship and ensure regular, returning customers and strong, enduring alliances.

Another important pillar we focus on is guaranteeing the continuity of our organization. We want to be successful not only now but also in decades to come. We’re achieving this by making a profit while charging reasonable prices (to remain financially healthy), and also by focusing on tomorrow. Innovation, digitization and the use of new technologies are therefore high on our agenda. These allow us to continue to stand out from our competitors and motivate and enable our employees to keep working for us until retirement age.