Specialism in heavy industries

Rotterdam mindset characteristic


Ballast Nedam Industriebouw has several disciplines. With the addition of Mechanical and E&I and the existing Civil, it has grown into a renowned multidisciplinary contractor capable of offering total solutions for the industrial market. From small-scale renovations and optimisations to full (large-scale) new construction projects in green and brown fields.

Since a few years, Ballast Nedam International Product Management (IPM) is a part of Ballast Nedam Industriebouw. This department specialises in the construction, renovation and maintenance of filling stations for traditional fuels, LNG, CNG and hydrogen. 

  • Civil

  • Een BNI werknemer aan het lassen in de loods


  • Twee BNI werknemers aan het werk bij een elektriciteitskast



What distinguishes Ballast Nedam Industriebouw in the market is that we work with our own teams and people who carry out the work. This coherence of expertise maximizes problem-solving capabilities and guarantees the safe and optimal realization of every project.

Safety, reliability, speed, flexibility and the delivery of a high quality standard at low costs are essential values that contribute to the realization. This, in combination with years of experience and knowledge, enables them to bring every project to a successful conclusion.

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