Our DNA makes our company unique

We build trust

Our ambitions

Based on our mission, vision and core values, we have defined five pillars that we pursue. Together we ensure that these remain anchored in our daily activities.

1. Holding on to family feeling

Industrial building together is our main strength and although we want to continue to grow in the coming years, our greatest ambition is to maintain this family feeling during our growth. We want our employees to enjoy their work and that, in addition to working hard, we also have fun together.

2. LTI-free

We strive for an accident-free Ballast Nedam Industriebouw. We succeed in this because safety is the way of life for our employees. In addition, we pay continuous attention to working safely. We also want to carry out our work as sustainably and responsibly as possible for society and the environment. For that reason, CSR is also part of our business operations.

3. The ideal employer

We want to be the ideal employer, both for our current and for our potential employees. This because we are convinced that being the ideal employer results in successful projects and satisfied customers.

4. Strong customer and partner relationships

Strong customer and partner relationships are essential to our continued existence. We believe it is important to have open and honest relationships with them based on; trust, cooperation, and equality.

Our core values are at all times the starting point in this cooperation and ensure a regular customer base that knows where to find us. We strive a strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners.

5. Continuity

An important pillar which we focus on is to guarantee the continuity of our organization. We want to be successful not only now, but also to remain so in the decades to come. We do this by making a profit for a reasonable price (staying financially healthy), but also by paying attention to tomorrow. Innovation, digitization and the use of new technologies are therefore high on our agenda. In this way we continue to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and we ensure that everyone can and wants to retire with us.