Safety is a way of life

Working safely

Safety has the highest priority for Ballast Nedam Industriebouw. The safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and all other stakeholders are the critical success factors of our business operations. We are certified in accordance with SCC-Petrochemicals and thus operate at the highest safety level. The combination of SCC-P and our ISO9001 certification ensures continuous improvement of our safety performance.

Those who work with us such as work planners, supervisors, carpenters, quality assurance personnel or project managers,  can count on an employer who takes safe working conditions very seriously. Working safely is the most important condition for a good and successful implementation of our projects. Therefore, we ensure safety from design and preparation to execution and delivery.

Bas Ballast

Our safety mascot!

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We want to be not only the best, but also the safest for our customers, partners and other stakeholders. From our head office in Botlek, our HSE management team supports the organisation with their expertise. HSE coordinators support the project teams and raise safety awareness to an even higher level at all our projects.

We are proud of our safety performance and believe that celebrating successes is important. This increases motivation and job satisfaction and is the basis for new successes and better performance. That is why we pay attention not only to what we learn, but also to the successes we achieve together. These include commending employees for outstanding safety performance, celebration of accident-free hours and a monthly newsletter in which we share success stories with the entire organisation.