Our DNA makes our company unique

We build trust

Core values

Our core values explain who we are and what we stand for. This way our customers know what they can expect from us.
  • Industrial construction together

    With us you can be yourself. We find it important to have personal contact with each other and attach great importance to the “we-feeling”. Familiar, collegial, social and involved are some key words that describe our culture. On our projects we apply our “one project, one result” philosophy, whereby we look at the result of our project as a whole. We are one Ballast Nedam Industriebouw. This is essential to our success.

  • Take care of each other and go home safe

    Safety is our way of life and is the most important benchmark for a good and successful performance of our work. It's in our genes and we never compromise on it.

  • Steering on talent makes us stronger

    We manage the talents of our employees. We believe that doing what you are good at and what you enjoy empowers you and only makes us stronger. Happy employees lead to successful projects, satisfied customers and ensure longer employment. An absolute win-win.

  • We keep it simple

    By keeping it simple, we can fully focus on our primary process: multidisciplinary (re)building in the industry. All aspects of our business operations are lean and mean, so that we are flexible and can switch quickly. Thanks to this flexibility and efficiency, we are able to simplify even the most complex projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.

  • Start tomorrow, finish yesterday

    The Rotterdam "Niet lullen maar poetsen (actions speak louder than words)" mentality can be felt on all our projects. We are doers; decisive, proactive and solution-oriented. We know what we are talking about and we love our job. This allows us to quickly respond to customer needs and deliver high quality.

  • A deal is a deal

    We do what we say and say what we do. This while being; clear, honest, open and sincere. Saying 'no' is also an answer and we will do this if necessary.