Our DNA makes our company unique

We build trust

Mission & Vision

Together we have worked out our mission, vision and core values. Afterwards we made our ambitions clear. We use these underlays in our collaboration and business operations. Because, in industrial construction, top technical performance is achieved!


Together we make the impossible possible within the oil, gas, (private) energy and (petro)chemical industrial construction.

Collaboration is the key to our success and the foundation of our relationships with our stakeholders. Ballast Nedam Industriebouw's strength lies in our many years of knowledge and experience in the market. In combination with our corporate culture, which is characterized by; cooperation, trust, decisiveness and flexibility.

We keep it simple, do what we say and know what we're talking about.

We are the largest multidisciplinary contractor in industrial construction in Western Europe.


Together Industriebouw

Together with our partners and our multidisciplinary teams, we build complex, industry-leading solutions for our customers. We are proud of our success formula.
We want to be and remain the ideal employer. Here you can be yourself and do what you are good at. We not only want to be the best party for our customers, partners and other stakeholders, but also the safest. Stable and financially healthy with a regular customer base that knows where to find us, creating continuity. We invite everyone to build this together with us.