All civil, pipeline and mechanical works related to the replacement of furnace R-201 C

Replacement R-201 C Furnace

The activities mainly consisted on:

Multi-D works;

  • Demolition work and site preparation;
  • Dismantling of existing pipes;
  • Installing steel tubular piles;
  • Excavation work;
  • Realization of concrete foundations;
  • Supply and application of precast concrete beams;
  • Pavement;
  • Creating tie-ins;
  • Prefabrication and assembly of new pipes (incl. Supports);
  • Painting works;
  • NDT activities;
  • Hydro testing;
  • Dressing of the four sections of R-201C (channels and platforms);
  • Assembly of oven sections (incl. seal welding);
  • Welding of pipes;
  • Stack mounting (incl. internal welding);
  • Coordination.